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Coaching – “Ain’t no sunshine when she is away”

As you may have noticed, possibly at cocktail parties, there are quite a lot of professionals who provide for coaching. Initially I thought it is a bit of a fashion. You know, like in the American films, having a shrink, laying on the coach and complaining about the discomfort of life, especially when you are wealthy!

I spent more time looking at the issue during the last few years in line with some of my presentations on “entrepreneurship” and “leading one’s life like on leads a company”. In addition I observed a bit more thoughtfully well-known athletes such as the legendary Roger Federer and even less legendary persons like Reigan Derry, a finalist in the X Factor Australia, for instance. At all levels of performance there is the question of performance improvement, even at the level of perfection.

I have seen that they associate with people who support their goals and help them to be in the right state of mind. They listen; they focus on solutions, on understanding; they expect the best for themselves and usually find a mentor, a coach aiming at reaching levels of exceptional performance. Also, they seem to never stop trying, accept failure as a feedback. I noticed that they are not alone, they team up! Their coach contributes to their success.

My conclusion after some years of observation is that the answer to the question: “Do you need a coach?” is yes, by all means. If you want improvement and you can afford it time wise, do not hesitate. I know a coach whom I call sunshine. You can contact her on LinkedIn and her name is Wilma Barbin or through