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Financial services, soft skills, self efficiency,
decision making, contemporary strategy

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Prevention of Money Laundering

Key concepts of AML, MIFID I & II,
MAR and other EU Directives

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Marketing & Branding

We provide more than training, workshops
and coaching, we provide satisfaction.

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Why Us

After 20 years in banks and 30 years for banks in various positions, I gathered experience which I love to share to help people and organizations improving their performance.

I meet many competent persons and work with a few of them on a regular basis. They are specialised professionals.

I am mainly involved in the financial services industry, in training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, conferences, authoring …. and having fun even when covering prevention of money laundering, compliance, branding, marketing…you name it.

The greatest added value I offer is a knowledge structure in a number of subjects which catch my attention day after day and sometimes at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide highly specialised training?

Thanks to our network of experts we can offer a broad range of highly specialised training courses.

Do you provide individual training?

Like coaching or mentoring we have the capacity to provide one to one training.

Do you assure follow-up?

Training is only the beginning of a professional relationship which should last as long as there is a need to do so.


We feel finance. It is our core business. Most of our publications are finance related.

Marketing & Branding

From marketing in financial services our interest spread to branding and lovemarks, also likeability.

Core Skills

Often called soft skills we understand the significance of a large tool kit to assure a successful professional path.

What we Offer

We provide more than training, workshops and coaching, we provide satisfaction.
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Why Choose Us?


We have over 25 years experience providing expert financial trainings.


An enthusiastic team is always here to help you achieve your objectives.


25 years of satisfied customers

Our Experts

Roger Claessens
Zorica Krnjevic Miskovic
Marie-Laurence Demousselle
Ilijana Petrovska
Eléonore Tabery Snyers
Damien Tourailles

We are helping you to improve your performance.

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Here’s what just some of our clients have said

Our senior managers benefit from your long experience in banking.

Mrs. Svitlana Berdnykova

I learned a lot of little tips and tricks and found the course very helpful.

M. Anton Peskhov

Honestly Roger, this was one of the best seminars ever.

Mrs. Antra.Bergmane

This is the book that our managers need!

Mrs. Ionela Omocea

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Send us an email on and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone +32 472 72 68 19.

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