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Et pourquoi pas ?

As you may have noticed my articles are mostly related to marketing, more specifically branding, economics and banking. All rules have exceptions, and this article is one. I have always thought that after six books on finance and marketing it would be nice to write a story in the banking environment playing on the concepts that I have so often explained. The background would be some dark money laundering scheme in a central bank and I leave the rest to your imagination but it would of course contain a love story, to say the least.

Well, I have been beaten by my elder daughter Geraldine, 33, a civil engineer with an MBA, who just published her first story about adventure and love. Despite her professional responsibilities and being a young mother and commuting day in day out, she succeeded in doing so. The interesting side of the story is that she did it with a good friend of hers. Each wrote a chapter in sequence, continuing each other’s part of the story. They are friends since childhood and must be really good friends to flow like that from chapter to chapter.

They have chosen an author’s name MARIE DIVONE and the story told by the author(s) is about Maxime who inherited a jewel with a strange inscription which leads him to the other side of the planet, where he will meet Sharifa. Their lives and dreams will become intertwined and…

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