ChinaLux BSC

ChinaLux logo chinalux-flagsChina Luxembourg Business Study Centre is an organization that operates in Luxembourg and provides financial training in Chinese to executives who have international financial business in European countries.

As a centre of practical activities, the organization formulates forward-thinking solutions for the worlds of business, finance and management, where agendas and issues are constantly changing.

Courses and seminars

Courses and seminars are conducted in English and in French and are translated simultaneously into Chinese by our financially qualified translators.

Location of training

The trainings will be held at a location in Luxembourg-City or its near surrounding.


  • Financial Training
    • What is a Bank?
    • Banking – The European System
    • Investments in Europe
    • Economics and Management
    • Marketing in Finance
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Bank Branch Management
    • Cost Control
    • Compliance
  • Other business courses
  • Intercultural soft skills