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Have fun in remembering things!

We distinguish three stages in memorisation: the sensitive memory, the short term memory and the long term memory.

Your sensory memory consists of a brief and temporary memory, which is a recognition of what the senses take in. For example, you discover an unknown fruit in the supermarket, its shape, colour, odour and you go on with your life without really remembering it.

Your short term memory has a capacity to retain a limited number of items for a limited period. For example, you pay more attention to the fruit we just mentioned, studied its texture, its taste but you will forget its name after all.

Your long term memory in opposition to the two others has a queasy unlimited capacity to retain information and on top of it, for a very long time.
Remembering consists of going from your short memory to your long memory. This requires a double action :

  1. Encoding which requires attention and association
  2. Retrieval which requires recalling and recognition.

Consequently, memorisation requires:

  • Encoding with attention.
  • Classifying and structuring of the information.
  • Establishing a link of association.
  • Establishing a code of retrieval.
  • An undivided attention.
  • A conscious effort of repetition.
  • Reading dynamics (fast reading with utter attention).

Why do you forget things?

  1. The information never got into your long term memory in the first place.
  2. No association when you decided to remember.
  3. No trigger that allows you to retrieve the information.
  4. No recent retrieval.

What is the name again of that charming actress playing in “Serendipity” (Un Amour à New York)? : “ KB” like the bank ( KB is the association; her name is Kate Beckinsale)

How will your remember things?

  • When you pay attention (say that to your kids!)
  • When you believe in the fact you can remember everything you want
  • When you are in good health and relaxed
  • When you enjoy a sustained activity

Just believe in yourself and enjoy a great memory; you will impress everyone around you!